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There are several areas in which ServiceLance sets itself uniquely apart.

 Let us tell you Why and How!

1. ServiceLance is truly Free, without the hidden CATCH!

ServiceLance doesnt trick people into believing that service exchange is free by displaying FREE in large text on the homepage and then asking for money when you want to get started. It really is absolutely free to Seek services and to Provide services on ServiceLance. That is why we dont have a disguised 'Pricing' page anywhere on the site.


And let us also give you comfort that free does not mean less features or compromised functionality. ServiceLance has been dressed up for rich and unbeaten functionality in the marketplace. And there are plenty of new and more empowering features planned for the near future, in case you thought the current features were not enough.


2. ServiceLancing extends Freelancing - ServiceLance is for Local Services too

ServiceLancing is an extension of the Freelancing model. It enables service-based offerings such as financial services, construction, plumbing, gardening, cleaning, carpentry, and services of similar nature to be exchanged in local geographic locations. ServiceLancing is therefore all about exchange of LOCAL SERVICES. ServiceLance caters for a huge set of service categories.

ServiceLancing stems from Freelancing which utilizes global platforms to enable making money from home from skills such as website design, software programming, writing, etc. Hence, ServiceLancing goes beyond the freelancing focus of global services. This makes servicelancing unlimited in the categories of skills that can be offered and includes services of a physical and local nature.

3. ServiceLance is for both INDIVIDUALS and BUSINESSES

The recession has displaced a huge amount of talent and businesses have lost lots of money and clients. ServiceLance allows both Individuals and Businesses to exchange services. Most platforms and systems are only designed for businesses, while we welcome both Individuals and Businesses to engage in showcasing and profiting from skills and talents.


4. Pay through your own preferred means

ServiceLance does not require you to make payment through the site. All exchanges of payment is permitted directly between the Service Seeker and Service Provider. You are free to decide the modes of payment amongst yourselves. There are also no extravagant and unreasonable commissions to pay as a result.


By removing this payment restriction, ServiceLance has included those that dont have access to credit cards or live in countries where Credit Cards are difficult / impossible to get. You no longer need to feel excluded or go through hoops to showcase your talent or get restricted by the country you live in.


5. ServiceLance is not limited to specific countries or localities

ServiceLance is a worldwide platform for service exchange and does not limit you by where you live or earn or travel to.

 6. There are NO contact restrictions in place AT ALL!

Unlike other sites, there are no penalties or restrictions on displaying your direct contact information. ServiceLance provides the flexibility to all of its Service Providers and Service Seekers to choose and display whichever contact information they prefer. You are no longer forced to use the site to exchange the services to make you pay the extravagant fees - You have the choice and the control!



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Servicelance caters for

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